Personnel System

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Personnel System

  • “ core competency development and performance through
  • operated by the appointed personnel of the central skills
  • The company has opened opportunities for self-development and growth."

Job rotation scheme

We adopt a job rotation scheme to develop the individual's competence and various abilities.

Incentive system

  • According to a fair evaluation based on the individual's ability and performance We carry out the bonus that you can receive compensation
  • - Annual Salary : Differentiated by the ability Acceleration
  • - Monthly plan : Differentiated by the ability Acceleration other regular bonuses

Promotion system

Rank Staff Assistant Manager Manager Defuty General Manager General Manager
Years spent 3 year 3 year 5 year 5 year
  • - Assistant Manager More Than : Enforcement chosen based on achievement and ability seungjinje
  • - Assistant Manager Promotion : Verification of the basic qualities entry level manager