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Symbol Mark



  • SINDO combination elliptical logo and the English a willingness to establish itself as a center of Mecca has expressed a rapidly changing global market.


  • - Neatly laid out with a combination naming variations on the oval design and at the same time symbolizing the dynamic international market gradually line "SINDO" at the center of an international market represent the will of the getdaneun
  • - The shape of the logo "N" is also part of SINDO combination but are represented by the initials of "Network" people to people, machinery and automobiles, the company philosophy getdaneun pull off acts as an intermediary, led by the technology of the human heart in place of the customer and the company connotation


  • Dipbeulru the logo should symbolize the pleasant company, the company free of its reliability and diligence, Blue rounded peaks.

Color System

Background Color System